Trent Smith Invitational Cross Country Meet
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10 13 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Pos in Team
113Brian Jacques00:25:17Male XC1MaleNorth Iowa Area Community College15:05 min/m
81Brian Kitur00:25:47Male XC2MaleIowa Western Community College15:11 min/m
92Wal Khat00:25:47Male XC3MaleNIACC Alumni15:11 min/m
114Blake Keller00:26:05Male XC4MaleNorth Iowa Area Community College25:14 min/m
80Dennis Kibowen00:26:28Male XC5MaleIowa Western Community College25:19 min/m
148Drake Henrichs00:26:40Male XC6MaleUnattached15:21 min/m
141Nic Ganzeveld00:26:45Male XC7MaleWaldorf University15:23 min/m
142Andrew Murley00:27:08Male XC8MaleWaldorf University25:27 min/m
104David Carter00:27:19Male XC9MaleNorth Iowa Area Community College35:29 min/m
125Nathan Bradley00:27:25Male XC10MaleSouthwestern Community College15:30 min/m
127Kevin Dietrich00:27:27Male XC11MaleSouthwestern Community College25:31 min/m
115John Kraft00:27:31Male XC12MaleNorth Iowa Area Community College45:32 min/m
131Jalen Two Leggins00:27:36Male XC13MaleSouthwestern Community College35:33 min/m
130Phoenix Shadden00:27:37Male XC14MaleSouthwestern Community College45:33 min/m
126Shane Breheny00:27:38Male XC15MaleSouthwestern Community College55:33 min/m
84Ethan Scott00:27:41Male XC16MaleIowa Western Community College35:34 min/m
112Daniel Hennigar00:27:47Male XC17MaleNorth Iowa Area Community College55:35 min/m
149Jacob Day00:28:00Male XC18MaleNIACC Alumni25:37 min/m
107Samuel Dean00:28:07Male XC19MaleNorth Iowa Area Community College65:39 min/m
52Grant Baker00:28:20Male XC20MaleHawkeye Community College15:42 min/m
105Tyler Crawford00:28:29Male XC21MaleNorth Iowa Area Community College75:43 min/m
116Canyon Kuhlmann00:28:38Male XC22MaleNorth Iowa Area Community College85:45 min/m
109Grant Dieken00:28:45Male XC23MaleNorth Iowa Area Community College95:47 min/m
36Trevor Albert00:28:46Male XC24MaleGrand View University15:47 min/m
132Chance Webster00:28:48Male XC25MaleSouthwestern Community College65:47 min/m
143Chasen Selsor00:28:56Male XC26MaleWaldorf University35:49 min/m
38Alex Arechavaleta00:28:58Male XC27MaleGrand View University25:49 min/m
39Ben Huftalin00:29:04Male XC28MaleGrand View University35:50 min/m
56Chandler Dunn00:29:12Male XC29MaleHawkeye Community College25:52 min/m
75Christopher Casart00:29:16Male XC30MaleIowa Western Community College45:53 min/m
110Hunter Filloon00:29:21Male XC31MaleNorth Iowa Area Community College105:54 min/m
144Jesse Vega00:29:21Male XC32MaleWaldorf University45:54 min/m
117Tyson Stromer00:29:28Male XC33MaleNorth Iowa Area Community College115:55 min/m
77Iren Grassrope00:29:34Male XC34MaleIowa Western Community College55:57 min/m
83Daniel Reimer00:29:35Male XC35MaleIowa Western Community College65:57 min/m
108Akahnni Delgado00:29:39Male XC36MaleNorth Iowa Area Community College125:57 min/m
128Terrell Gibbs00:29:53Male XC37MaleSouthwestern Community College76:00 min/m
44Brandon Young00:29:56Male XC38MaleGrand View University46:01 min/m
59Paden Maschmann00:30:02Male XC39MaleHawkeye Community College36:02 min/m
12Cameron Kaltschnee00:30:20Male XC40MaleBuena Vista University16:06 min/m
43Grayson Thacker00:30:28Male XC41MaleGrand View University56:07 min/m
13Zach Kenny00:30:29Male XC42MaleBuena Vista University26:07 min/m
14Alex Loerts00:30:41Male XC43MaleBuena Vista University36:10 min/m
58John Kramer00:30:58Male XC44MaleHawkeye Community College46:13 min/m
78Dean Hanson00:31:14Male XC45MaleIowa Western Community College76:17 min/m
82Michael Mccall00:31:30Male XC46MaleIowa Western Community College86:20 min/m
86Jaquell Williams00:31:44Male XC47MaleIowa Western Community College96:23 min/m
79Shannon Howard00:31:57Male XC48MaleIowa Western Community College106:25 min/m
15Blake Patten00:31:58Male XC49MaleBuena Vista University46:25 min/m
11Josh Garcia00:31:58Male XC50MaleBuena Vista University56:25 min/m
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