Above + Beyond Adventure Tri 2018
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10 14 2018
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Race No
Last Seen At
Time of Day
Race Time
Time Behind
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1 Team All Out Of Bubblegum 34MaleADV RaceRun10:42:3400:29:37 11
2 Team Mitch & Ryley 69MaleADV RaceRun10:22:1800:30:4700:01:1022
3 Team Midamerican Energy 92MaleADV RaceRun11:22:1300:31:1800:01:4033
4 Team Canoodlers 74MaleADV RaceRun10:44:2200:31:5900:02:2144
5 Team Tri Curious 58MaleADV RaceRun10:36:4600:31:5900:02:2155
6 Team Gear Up 42MaleADV RaceRun10:46:3400:32:4600:03:0866
7 Team Afterburners 33MaleADV RaceRun10:27:0200:33:0400:03:2677
8 Team Luge ' Rs 115MaleADV RaceRun11:28:3100:33:2500:03:4888
9 Team South Maple Bandits 52MaleADV RaceRun10:24:3900:33:4200:04:0499
10 Team 30 Minutes People! 32MaleADV RaceRun10:45:2600:33:4800:04:111010
11 Team Brother Mortensen 110MaleADV RaceRun11:55:4000:33:5400:04:161111
12 Team Keepin' It Wild 45MixedADV RaceRun10:53:5200:34:5400:05:1711
13 Team You Signed Me Up For What! 108MaleADV RaceRun11:20:0000:35:3100:05:541212
14 Team Team Smith 53MixedADV RaceRun11:04:2600:35:5100:06:1322
15 Team Team Briggs 100MaleADV RaceRun11:33:2000:36:1100:06:331313
16 Team Watdose 118MaleADV RaceRun11:22:5000:36:3500:06:581414
17 Team Weekend Warriors Doing Good Things 105MaleADV RaceRun11:20:0600:37:5800:08:201515
18 Team Double Jb 63MaleADV RaceRun11:09:0600:38:1900:08:421616
19 Team The Johnstons 102MixedADV RaceRun11:27:3800:38:5700:09:2033
20 Team You Do You 60MixedADV RaceRun10:25:0200:39:1700:09:3944
21 Team Pete & Ben 95MaleADV RaceRun11:27:4100:40:0700:10:301717
22 Team On Your Left 94MaleADV RaceRun11:35:0300:40:5700:11:191818
23 Team Team Gotr 119MaleADV RaceRun11:46:4300:40:5900:11:211919
24 Team The Troy And Lisa Show 55MixedADV RaceRun10:28:0400:41:2500:11:4755
25 Team Red Hot 49FemaleADV RaceRun11:31:2600:41:3200:11:5511
26 Team Metzger 78MixedADV RaceRun10:32:4000:42:2500:12:4866
27 Team Team Gemjam 76MixedADV RaceRun11:47:1500:42:3200:12:5477
28 Team Foster Group 72FemaleADV RaceRun10:55:0400:44:1000:14:3322
29 Team Team Harrison Anderson 111MixedADV RaceRun11:48:0100:44:1600:14:3888
30 Team Scott Sisters 71FemaleADV RaceRun10:37:3800:44:1700:14:4033
31 Team Team Awesome! 67MixedADV RaceRun10:33:5000:44:1900:14:4199
32 Team Titantic Swim Team 56MaleADV RaceRun11:07:3600:45:4800:16:102020
33 Team Tri'ng 2 Survive 103MaleADV RaceRun11:39:0200:45:5700:16:202121
34 Team Team Polley 68MixedADV RaceRun10:41:1900:46:0300:16:251010
35 Team Abc 73MixedADV RaceRun11:02:2600:46:2400:16:461111
36 Team 1B1A 31FemaleADV RaceRun11:09:3900:46:4200:17:0544
37 Team Friends Tri-Ing It Together 112FemaleADV RaceRun11:45:5500:47:1300:17:3555
38 Team Are We There Yet? 35FemaleADV RaceRun10:36:3200:47:3700:17:5966
39 Team Nerds 114FemaleADV RaceRun11:22:1100:47:4900:18:1177
40 Team Beeracuda 38FemaleADV RaceRun11:08:1500:48:0400:18:2788
41 Team Herd Of Turtles 61MixedADV RaceRun10:58:4800:49:4400:20:071212
42 Team Mother Bluffers 93FemaleADV RaceRun11:52:1700:50:0000:20:2299
43 Team Worth A Tri 64FemaleADV RaceRun10:45:3300:50:4700:21:091010
44 Team Bamf 37FemaleADV RaceRun10:43:1200:51:0100:21:241111
45 Team Big Daddy And Me 116MixedADV RaceRun11:51:0900:51:0900:21:311313
46 Team Grit & Grace 91FemaleADV RaceRun11:53:1500:51:5600:22:181212
47 Team Keinsteadt 46MixedADV RaceRun10:40:5800:52:5000:23:131414
48 Team Just Married 70MixedADV RaceRun11:03:1500:53:1500:23:381515
49 Team Dynamic Duo 88FemaleADV RaceRun11:01:2400:53:5600:24:181313
50 Team Team Birusingh 106MixedADV RaceRun12:07:3000:54:0400:24:261616
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